She Holds the Sky Designs

She Holds the Sky designs has a wide range of styles to accommodate all aspects of the modern Indigenous lifestyle. Traditional, modern everyday clothing and elegant gowns are all offered through my brand. Mohawk traditional style with a modern twist. Karoniénhawe Diabo is the owner and designer behind “she holds the Sky designs”. Diabo, is Kanien’kehaka bear clan of Kahnawake. Karoniénhawe hopes to inspire younger generations to learn sewing and fashion to pass on our traditions.

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IG/FB: @sheholdstheskydesigns

Sage Mountainflower

Sage Mountainflower creations have become a distinctive blend of traditional looks with a contemporary flair. The brand is about keeping Sage's artwork alive, as she incorporates traditional beadwork into modern clothing and embraces self-empowerment through indigenous fashion. It’s about being bold and elegant while expressing pride in individual styles through statement pieces created by Sage Mountainflower.

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Designer Joanne Miles-Long, M.B.A. is San Carlos Apache and Akimel O’Otham. She has continued the art of traditional dressmaking but has expanded her repertoire towards modern-day clothing with the traditional overlay of various embellishments, cuts, and forms typically used in the traditional cloth dresses of her mother and sister, as well as other indigenous nations. The R’s stands for restored, restyled, redesigned, recycled, etc. Thus, no two dresses or articles of clothing will ever be the same. RRR.RAID is a concept of the original cloth dress developed from the raiding that occurred earlier on when the pioneers were coming west for gold and other “goods”. "As we did back then, RAID is still doing today."

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NoHeart Designs

Marly Nicole Fixico is the Founder and Designer of NoHeart Designs. She was raised on the Seminole Reservation in Okla Humma, Indian Territory. Marly is Seminole, Navajo, and Laguna Pueblo, and she is Mekusukey Band and of the Wind Clan. The name Fixico translates as "no heart" or "heartless" in Mvskoke/Semvnole. Marly’s grandmother, Sally Fixico, made her first Seminole dress and homemade gifts for her relatives. This inspired Marly to create her art with love and intention. Her family emphasized being educated and learning as much as possible. Marly hopes her creations will be cherished for many generations.

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IG/FB: @noheartdesigns

Breezy Designs

Marian is the owner of Breezy Designs, a small business that provides clothing, functional ceremony art, textile design, and jewelry and operates as an online store with jewelry, wearable art, and other creative design products. Breezy Designs has displays of art and design work among various North and South Americas ceremonial settings of Indigenous People and Collaboration with Teton Trade Cloth Company by Lenape Tribe, Collaboration with Oklahoma Fabrics. Upcoming work includes Indigenous Fashion in New York, Paris, and Japan.

IG/FB: @BreezyDesignsOnline

Rebekah Jarvey

Rebekah Jarvey is Artisan, Fashion Show Coordinator, and Designer. She is a Chippewa, Cree & Blackfeet who is an enrolled member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe located in North Central Montana. Rebekah is a fourth-generation beader & sewer and carries on the tradition by teaching her son Royce who is fifth-generation. She mixes her traditional tribal heritage with street style to create Indigenous Luxury Fashion. Her brand’s main color palette is neon with fun, fierce and cool silhouettes.

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Alyssa Henson-Brackett is the proud owner and designer of Alynwonderland. She's been designing her whole life, sewing as a hobby since I was 17 and as a profession since 2016. Alynwonderland was born as a mainstream fashion label and grew to be apart of the rising Native Fashion industry. Alyssa is a member of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians and a descendent of the Keetoowah Nighthawk Society: she is paint clan. Alyssa works professionally as a runway consultant, fashion organizer & coordinator around the state of Oklahoma. This will be Alyssa’s 3rd full collection to be shown on the runway, and 6th appearance on the runway including internships.

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