NFITC 2024

NFITC 2024 marks a decade of trail-blazing Indigenous fashion and nurturing talents. As one of the only events dedicated to elevating Indigenous designers, models, and stylists, this milestone edition promises an unforgettable celebration of heritage, innovation, and the vibrant future of Indigenous fashion.

Enjoy the Main Fashion Show on Friday night, featuring the newest collections from ALTRN8V by Courtney Little Axe, Beadiful Vibes by Raynie Hunter, 'Nchi.wana by Lulu Henry, Oh Kiyo by Anna Frye, Bitterwater for Redhouse by Michelle Luna & Snowy Baby/SNO.

NFITC 2024 is a vibrant and transformative event that showcases Native culture through fashion. Hosted at the Denver Art Museum in the heart of Downtown Denver, the fashion show brings together Indigenous designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts from various communities across the nation. NFITC 2024 is not just a fashion show; it's a powerful platform for cultural exchange, sustainability, and innovation, highlighting traditional techniques and narratives woven into contemporary designs, making NFITC 2024 a milestone event in the world of fashion and cultural preservation. Join us in continuing the legacy. For the Youth Fashion Show, please see our separate Event Page, NFITC 2024 Youth Fashion Show