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Working with the Youth

As the saying goes… Style is something that you have or you don’t. It cannot be bought or taught. But it’s a skill that can be honed. Today’s indigenous youth are more motivated and talented than ever before. The best thing about today is that the youth don’t follow the trend, but now the trend follows the youth–and that is the power of the youth. They are young, beautiful, eccentric, experimental and connected to their culture!

NFITC youth participated in past fashion show.

This is why NFITC provides platforms for indigenous youth, including giving priority to the youth who wish to participate in NFITC. Whether they want to be fashion designers, models, photographers, stylist or event planners, they’re able to practice and grow by participating in NFITC. At each NFITC fashion event as well as through programs and workshops, we’re on a mission to arm and prepare each youth to pursue their interests and passions of exploring the fashion industry.

NFITC uses fashion and style as a tool to build self-confidence and promote self-esteem as well as inclusion among at-risk youth who are interested in pursuing fashion. Each workshop and program is a unique experience that allows youth to utilize fashion as their tool for self-expression where they can define their own individuality while building self-confidence. NFITC also offers workshops where youth engage in group exercises and creative projects with NFITC partners, supporters, and volunteers. With each workshop, we focus on life skills, building resources, elevating self-esteem and boosting self-confidence!

What we do with youth:

The NFITC Youth Style Workshop offers a personal styling service by NFITC team members featuring brand new clothing and accessories that suit the child’s needs and style. NFITC team also utilizes self-esteem building exercises that allow youth to define their own individuality while building self-confidence. Open to ages 8-18.

The Fashion Designer Jr Program allows a youth to shadow an experienced fashion designer where they’re able to experience an introduction to fashion designing. Open to ages 15-22.

With The First Impressions Youth Style Workshop, we focus on preparing young adults for job interviews, networking events and other settings where they want to make the best first impression. First impressions carry a lot of weight, whether in the workforce or in a professional setting, and we want to show youth how to make the best first impression. We teach participants how to identify strengths, show them good posture and poise and how to prepare for interviews/questions. This workshop offers one-on-one attention with the participant, personal fittings, style tips, mock interviews/situations and more. Open to ages 15-22.

The Youth Style Fashion Show takes the Youth Style Workshop up a notch. The team teaches participants how to walk and pose with confidence as well as other modeling basics. After the workshop, the participants walk in a small fashion show in front of either their parents or the community. Open to ages 8-18.

Youth in NFITC Runway event allows us to include youth to participate in our annual NFITC fashion event alongside established designers, stylists, photographers and NFITC team members so they can experience firsthand what it’s like to navigate the fashion industry firsthand. Open to ages 15-22.

Interested in one of our NFITC Youth Workshops or Programs? Contact us today at nativefashioninthecity[at]!

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