How to Nail a Model Audition Workshop


We are very excited to announce the launch of our workshop, How to Nail a Model Audition Workshop

Our new NFITC Workshops are online-based courses that provide tactical tips, helpful techniques, and resources for you to become better at developing your own fashion business! Each workshop contains a lesson of the day, samples, hands-on learning opportunities, and a bit of homework to help you build your brand thanks to our custom-made workbook PDFs. 

In this workshop, we’ll provide vital tips and tricks to nail your model casting–how to make a great first impression and impress the casting directors and more!

In modeling, there will always be castings and auditions everywhere you turn. We share with you how to nail a model audition or casting so you can continue to book gigs and jobs!

Once you’ve signed up and paid for the workshop, you’ll receive our NFITC Workbook PDF along with a calendar invite to our Zoom meeting as well as new lessons and tips in your email!


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