The Premier Native Fashion Event & Organization of North America.

Can any brand/designer participate in NFITC?

Unfortunately, in order to be true to our initial mission we only accept tribally-enrolled Native American or First Nations applicants. As the NFITC organization and reach grows, we’ll happily consider launching NFITC in other parts of the world.

What is the target market for NFITC?

NFITC is designed to promote First Nations -made designs to the mainstream market. It’s undeniable that cultural appropriation and copying is rampant in the mainstream fashion industry. The goal of NFITC is to showcase designs from ready-to-wear to couture made by Native Americans/First Nations artisans to the major fashion market, bridging connections between international buyers and indigenous designers; potentially phasing out appropriators of culture.

I’m an emerging designer. Can I still participate?

The answer is yes! The prerequisite to participate in NFITC is to have been in the business for no less than 3 years. Another requirement is you’ll have to know the ins and outs of the fashion of business. We only work with serious, dedicated and professional people with NFITC.

Will NFITC host any other event/workshop/program elsewhere?

NFITC is definitely looking into opportunities of expanding to other cities, states, regions and countries. Either NFITC will showcase Native American/First Nations talent in other areas, or will showcase the local talent in that location.
If you think NFITC would do great in a different location, please email us at nativefashioninthecity[at]