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Body Positivity & Inclusion

It’s no secret that the definition of beauty and “the perfect body” seems to be predefined in modern society, thanks to the media, social media and especially the mainstream fashion industry.

NFITC celebrates body positivity, diversity and inclusivity by empowering those who participate in the event: giving priority to designers who create designs in a wide range of sizes for varying bodies and accepting models of all shapes and sizes. NFITC is dedicated to evolving society’s notion of what is beautiful against what has been imposed by the world for so long.

With our Body Positivity & Self-Esteem programs, we address and tackle potential impacts of low self-esteem and confidence, such as mental health issues, social media and media trends, etc, and help participants learn positive self-care behaviors to promote confidence and self-love.

Here’s a list of NFITC Body Positivity Programs and Workshops:

Self Love & Body Positivity Discussion is a workshop in which we have a realistic and informative discussion around body image and body positivity for teens and adults. Participants will explore the impact body image has on self-esteem, examine how external factors such as media trends shape how we see ourselves and build awareness of how these trends shape unrealistic expectations. Give yourself permission to drop societal expectations and learn to relate to your body with kindness, improve your self-image, and develop sustainable, positive self-care behaviors with practical wellness tools that promote confidence and self-love.

Interested in our Body Positivity workshops? Contact us at nativefashioninthecity[at]!

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